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Residential & Commercial Building Consultancy Services

GEL Project Management was set up to provide clients with a one stop shop for all their Building project management needs, from project conception through to completion and beyond. We are completely independent and work directly for clients ensuring that their interests in a project are adhered to and protected.

The big question though is why GEL Project Management?

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Project management is easy, anyone can do it, i'll just manage the works myself.

We can't tell you the amount of times we've heard this through our careers! Everyone thinks they can project manage and its true that a key element of project management is having a clear process and completing tasks in order. What we actually are though at GEL are 'technical' Project Managers. That means not only do we do all of the above, but we do it from a technical viewpoint, assesing how the works are actually going to be done and problem solving construction problems before they arise. Our broad knowledge of all elements of the build process such as surveying, building services and cost consultancy allow us to pick up issues that would otherwise get missed.

My builder says he will project manage the works so I don't need anyone else, do I?

Your builder can certainly manage the trades on site, tell you roughly how long the works will take and what he expects it to cost. All a bit vague though isn't it? Proper project management is so much more than that! At GEL Project Management we act solely in your best interests to ensure that the builder adheres to the contract, delivers exactly what he is supposed to and to the correct standards, challenge decision making and advise on the best solutions, and keep tight track of the budget and costs. Remember every extra day on site, or additional piece of work is additional fees for your builder.

Okay so i'll get the Architect to Project Manage the build for me instead?

Architects often offer a project management service alongside their Architecture costs, but remember their primary business is Architecture not Project Management. Architects will generally be primarily concerned with the look and form of a building and ensuring the builder adheres to their vision and design without compromise. We know that whilst that is important to the Client, often the function and use of the building is just as important if not more so. Equally important is time and cost. For example, an Architect's vision may include bespoke items that are incredibly costly, but we can advise on alternatives with the same look at a fraction of the cost

Please read on to see the services we can offer you at GEL Project Management.



Project Briefing

We work directly with you to clearly define what you are trying to achieve and create a clear brief for your project. Only after we have this can we start to look at how best to achieve this and what services we can offer you, or that you will need from elsewhere.


Architects/Designers Appointment

Following agreement of your brief we will assist you in appointing the correct architects or designers for your project if required. We are able to offer certain design services in house, such as cad design, 3d modelling and space planning, so depending on your project there may be no need to appoint anyone else.


Design Reviews

We will work closely with you and the architects/designers to tweak and hone the design to get exactly what you want.

At this stage we will start to look more closely at what building services your project requires and can offer further advice with regards to heating selection, electrical fitouts, etc. which can be key to how a project really functions once finished.


Cost Estimating & Value Engineering

Once your designs are at a detailed enough stage we can produce cost estimates to give you a more accurate idea of what your designed project might cost.

At this stage we can also look to undertake some initial value engineering of your project in order to bring costs back in line with your budget if the current designs are too expensive.


Planning & Building Control

Next we will guide you through the planning process and can submit planning and building control docs for you.


Contractor Tendering

Once you're happy we will produce detailed tender documents for your project. This may seem overkill for residential projects, but is the norm in the commercial world and is actually essential in all building projects to make sure you get accurate and competitive quotations that are comparible and is where so many residential building projects go wrong. A good tender document can save you literally thousands of pounds in additional works and prevent disputes further down the line.


Contractor Appointment

Finally, we will assist you to appoint your chosen contractor for the project. This is another key stage as the correct contract will protect both you and the contractor financially and help to ensure your project starts off correctly.

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Contract Administration

The majority of build contracts are let to a single contractor who oversees all the trades for you at a fixed percentage fee. In this scenario we would act as independent contract administrators for you, ensuring that works are undertaken on schedule and to the correct specification. We also undertake valuations on site and agree variations to the contract with the Contractor and yourself. Having this independence from the project is key to the succesful project management of it and ensures you get the project you want at the right price.


Full project management

Occasionally a client wants a real hands on approach to a project. In this case we can offer full project management of your project. Here we act as project managers on site, directing and scheduling all works and trades on site. It is a much more time consuming approach for the client but enables them to really get involved in the details of the project.

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Snagging & Practical Completion

At this stage we will undertake detailed snagging lists towards the end of the project to pick up any remaining errors or omissions in the works that the contractor will need to finish to gain completion of the project.


Agreeing Final Accounts

At the end of the works we will sit down with the Contractor and agree the final account for signoff by the client. This will also coincide with the receipt of any certification and Operation and Maintenance manuals that might be required.


Defects Liability Period

Following completion of the project there will be a defects liability period of either 3, 6 or 12 months depending on the complexity of the project. In this period the contractor can be asked to return to complete any defects that have come to light since completion.

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Interior Design

We are dlighted to now be able to offer full interior design services as part of our package. We have partnered with well respected interior designers and soft furnishers J5 Interiors Ltd based in Great Dunmow. J5 Interiors have a team of inhouse makers and are able to produce all styles of soft furnishings such as curtains, blinds, cushions, sofas, bed spreads, etc. Their work has been featured in numerous magazines and is of the highest standard, hence why were pleased to be working with them. For more info visit


Space Planning

At GEL Project Management we have the capabilities to Space Plan your project on CAD software. Space planning is vital to reorganize a space, taking account of the furniture and functions, to allow the space to most effectively accommodate the needs of the client, employees or visitors.


Visualisation Modelling

In addition to traditional CAD we also have the capabilities to produce more life-like visualisations of your project, including 360 degree models and walk throughs. These can really help clients to see what their projects will look like and can also be useful for using on publications and to show prospective users what the end product will look like.



Weve been working with CAD for over 15 years so have the capability to produce new plans or edit your existing drawings. CAD drawings are quicker to produce, but more importantly much quicker to edit than traditional hand drawn plans, meaning changes are less costly for the client.

If you would like to learn more about what GEL Project Management can do for you then please contact us directly.

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Sports Pitches & Facilities

We have a passion for sport and facilities and are lucky enough to have worked on, designed, managed and operated some of the highest profile sports facilities in and around London.

As such we are able to offer a whole raft of advice around sports facilities and are happy to design and project manage all manner of sports facilities and pitches.

If you are thinking of installing a new pitch or facility do get in touch to discuss your plans and we can help make your vision a reality.

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