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Contractor Tendering & Appointment

GEL Project Management are able to guide you step by step through the Contractor Tendering process for your project, helping you to make sure you appoint the right people at the right price.

Why do I need GEL Project Management to produce the tender documents for me?

We will produce a professional, detailed project specification and tender document, complete with a detailed pricing schedule allowing clear comparison of Contractors and ensuring all quotes are on a like by like basis.  This document shows Contractors that you are going to act professionally throughout the project and will actually act as a deterrent to any rogue builders.

Doesn't it cost more to appoint a Contractor this way?

Yes and No. It is true that there are additional costs to tender a contract in this way, but those costs are more often than not recouped many times over by helping to avoid additional fees for unpriced works later on during the construction works on site. By having a clear and detailed specification and pricing document it is clear what is, and more importantly, what isnt included an quotations so there are no nasty surprises furher down the line.

My architect says he can help me appoint the correct builder so why do I need you?

GEL Project Management are completely independent, we are appointed by you and our sole focus is to protect your interests and help produce the project you require. Some architects work with a select group of Contractors, with whom they are paid an introductory fee for obtaining new work, or paid commission. When appointing GEL Project Management, we treat every penny you spend as if it was our own so will always try to ensure you get the most financially advantageous cost for your project.

People have told me I dont need a formal Contract to appoint a builder for my project?

Many residential builders will tell you this, but you need to ask why they would say so when it is so commonplace in the commercial sector? A formal Contract is actually there to protect both you the client, and the Contractor. A simple well written Contract will set out exactly what is expected of both the Contractor and Client. It will detail how and when the Contractor will get paid and what the key milestones are for the project. Importantly it will also protect you financially if things go wrong, which although not common, does happen occasionally.

If you would like to learn more about what GEL Project Management can do for you then please contact us directly.

Contractor Tendering & Appointment: FAQ
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