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Mini HMO Renovation for Landlord

We undertook this renovation of a 2 storey terraced house for a buy to let landlord. He wanted to maximise his rental returns per room, but still privide a seperate lounge and eating area. By converting the house to a mini HMO, he could let each room individually, which increased the overall rental income for the property. We made some changes to the layout to increase the number of bedrooms from 3-4 and also moved a number of walls to ensure all rooms were doubles and that there were 2 sepearate shower rooms. He was very happy with the end result with all rooms letting very quickly to new tenants, maximising his returns at around a 7% net Yield.

Large double rooms

Following our space planning and design work the client was delighted with the end result which has 4 double bedrooms and 2 seperate bathrooms.


Reconfiguring the upstairs

By reconfiguring the walls upstairs we managed to convert the single bathroom into 2 seperate shower rooms as well as increase the smallest room from a single room to a double.


Space planning the downstairs

The simple introduction of an acoustic insulated wall to the downstairs created a fourth double bedroom and still left a good sized communal living room.


Hot Water system upgrade

There is nothing worse than weak showers is there!?! We changed the hot water system in the property and installed a storage combination boiler that could produce enough flow and capacity to serve the 2 shower rooms at once (upto 20 litres/second). This is a key consideration when adding additional hot water supplies to a property to ensure good flows and to avoid dissapointing results, where upgrading the incoming mains supply isnt an option.


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