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Contract Administration & Site Monitoring

Contract Administration and Project Monitoring is the bread and butter of our Project Management services. We will regularly attend site and ensure that works are undertaken on schedule and to the correct specification and budget.

What does Contract Administration involve?

Contract Administration is all about the day to day running and management of your building project and includes the following:-

  1. Checking of works to ensure they are being undertaken to the specification and design.

  2. Monitoring the quality of the Contractors works.

  3. Reviewing timelines and ensuring projects remain on schedule.

  4. Site visits (frequency dependent on project and complexity), including minuted meetings with Contractor.

  5. Review cost variations and challenge/agree Contract valuations.

  6. Issue certificates for payment throughout the project.

If you would like to learn more about what GEL Project Management can do for you then please contact us directly.

Contract Administration & Site Monitoring: FAQ
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